Oor Rosie

The Wee Red Van is a 1980 Dodge Spacevan converted as a mobile coffee van. We use only Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance products.

Born in 1980, oor Rosie started out life as a workhorse for Royal Mail’s postal engineering fleet until being retired to RM’s transport museum. Due to a lack of funding, parts of the heritage collection were sold off including our girl.

She was in a sorry state when sold, missing a back window with peeling paint and flat tires, and a lock and hasp assembly crudely riveted across the doors for increased security. Her engine cover was missing, the floor was rusted through, the brakes were seized and the air cleaner, flame trap and pipes were found slung in the back. It wasn’t looking good and initially, the vehicle was to be sold for the princely sum of £50 for scrap.

Fortunately a pair of kind souls took her on and gave her a thorough restoration, and in 2000, she was as good as new and took to the road once again, working her way through several different owners until we came across the advert on Gumtree. 12 hours of driving later she landed in Glasgow and is now ready to hit the road as The Wee Red Van!



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